Race Karting FAQ

Any age, height & weight requirement?

  • Must be above 6 years old and 140cm in height to drive the kart. it is also subject to Marshal's discretion for driver's requirement.
  • Passenger for double seater mandatory to reach the requirements of height that should be above 110cm for guest to operate the go-kart.

What's the dress code required?

  • Drivers and passengers must be wearing closed-toe shoes. No loose fitting clothing such as dresses and skirts that may cause entangled in any moving part.
  • Gloves and Balaclava are mandatory to be wear for every individuals. You may bring your own balaclava and gloves.
  • Long hair/ scarf must be secured in a ponytail and tucked in the back of shirt or jacket.

How about medical/ health?

  • Visitors must be free from any medical, mental and physical illness, and free from any influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • OKU / Wheelchair user / Pregnant mom / Heart Disease / Hypertension: STRICTLY NO entry to Race Karting for safety reasons. Kindly call in for further enquiries.

What if i crash on go kart?

  • In case of incidents, our marshal will be there to assist. However, damages will be charged accordingly.

How long are the karting session?

  • Our game is 7 minutes per session for each entry.

How fast do the karts go?

  • Junior Kart & Twins Kart - 40km
  • Professional Kart - 60km

How many kart can go on race at once?

  • Up to 12 karts including 2 twin seaters kart

Can I use my GoPro?

  • You may attached GoPros on your personal (qualified) helmet or as a chest piece. But definitely not on our equipment.

Can i enjoy advance category?

  • To qualify for the advanced category, you must first achieve a lap time below 58 seconds in a controlled and safe manner using the beginner kart.

Things banned from Race Karting!

  • NO outside food and drinks allowed in the park.
  • NO SMOKING inside the park. Vaping and electronic cigarettes are also NOT allowed.
  • Engaging in unsafe or unruly behavior is prohibited within the track area.

I have my own go kart

  • Sorry, personal karts are not allowed on our track.

Sequence for Race Karting

  • The priority order for go-kart queue calling is as follows: Priority is given to advanced karts, followed by beginner karts, and lastly, to free trial participants. The final interpretation right belongs to i-City Race Karting.

Safety concern while racing

  • Follow the marshal's instructions and avoid doing anything risky, like crashing into others. If there's a dangerous situation, the race will be stopped right away, and there won't be a restart.

What else i need to know?

  • Every visitor to fill up "WAIVER FORM"
  • Parent/ Guardian consent is strictly required for individuals that are below 18 years old.

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