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Its sooo tiring but sooo worth it!

"Snow Walk is amazingly very nice & super cool with -8 degree"

- Lufyalaana

Date of Visit: 14 Oct 2023


Seronok sangat sampai hidung kita merah🙊😘

"ni first time tau tita sekeluarga datang@icitymalaysia snowalk! best gilaaaa! enjoy dalam kesejukan kebekuan 😂"

- Atita Haris

Date of Visit : 23 July 2023


Fun day at the theme park 🥰

"Psst.. All Day Happyness Pass allows you to enjoy EVERY attraction in the theme park, except Red Carpet! 😎"


Date of Visit: 15 July 2023


Its summer vibe !! 💦

Its summer vibe !! 💦


Date of visit: July 2022

#swimming #icity #Summer #pool #swimsuit


Best theme park and water park in Selangor!

'Nice place to spend time with your family and friends dating here! Purchase all day happyness pass is worthy as you may visit every place in i-city ( except for Red Carpet). Best theme park & water park ever in Selangor, Malaysia!'

- annisleenn

Date of visit: November 2021


''Mommy I want to go to the colourful playground please''

'Sampai hari ni I n family especially Ameena xboleh move on dengan I-City . Nak ajak pergi lagi. Ameena said - mommy I want to go to the colourful playground pleasee 🤣.
So korang semua jomlah bawak anak2 pergi I-City, bermacam permainan dapat main memang berbaloi dan puas.'


Date of visit : 27 March 2022


Weekend spent well at i-City!

'Weekend spent well at I City! As you can see i had fun a lil too much🤣'

- neesanabylah

Date of visit : 25 March 2022


Malaysia actually Snow?!

We tot 2020 would be the year we got everything that we wanted. Now we know it is the year we appreciate everything we have.


Date of visit : 26 Dec 2020


Serious VR ni best sangat sangat tau!

Hajar pasang cerita hantu, tu yang jadi takut tu !


Date of visit : 20 March 21


【阿康介紹好康】 i-City Shah Alam

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-Bryan Yong

Date of visit : 21 Oct 2021